Open-source ARJ


Welcome to the open-source implementation of the world-famous ARJ archiver. This version has been created with an intent to preserve maximum compatibility and retain the feature set of the original ARJ archiver as provided by ARJ Software, Inc.


ARJ is available for more than 10 platforms. Within a dedicated build environment, the project maintainer keeps the source code ready for the following platforms and compilers:
  • DOS-16: Turbo C++ v 1.0, Borland C++ v 3.1/4.0, Microsoft C/C++ v 6.0/7.0, Microsoft Visual C++ v 1.0/1.5, Microsoft QuickC v 2.5.
  • OS/2-16: Microsoft C v 6.0.
  • OS/2-32: IBM C Set++ v 2.1, IBM VisualAge C++ v 3.65, MetaWare High C v 3.2, Watcom C v 11.0c, OpenWatcom v 1.6, EMX v 0.9d/GCC v 3.x.
  • Win32: Microsoft Visual C++ v 2.2
  • Linux: GCC v 2.95.2/3.2.1
  • The open-source ARJ benefits from a productive community of contributors who have brought ARJ to various platforms far beyond its 80x86 origins. Availability for these platforms may change over time. Generally, the releases collected under the "Other platforms" section represent points in history when it was possible to build ARJ on a particular platform for certain.

    A technical development page, featuring the bug tracker, forums and mailing lists, is available at


    UNIX-like systems and OS/2 EMX

    To build the source code on a UNIX-like operating system, do this (assuming you've already changed into directory that contains the source):

    cd gnu;autoconf;./configure;cd ..;make prepare;make


    1. GNU make must be used (on FreeBSD systems it's called "gmake").
    2. You have to run autoconf prior to running configure - as there will be different configure scripts for UNIX-like systems and OS/2 EMX.
    3. On OS/2 EMX, autoconf v 2.57 is confirmed to work.
    4. You can finalize the build process with "make install" (to perform a local installation) or "make package" (to create a self-extracting distribution kit).

    ARJ is a CPU-intensive program. If you wish to configure ARJ for a higher performance on a specific CPU, try the following, assuming that you have a newer version of GCC, e.g. 3.2.1:

    ./configure CFLAGS="-march=i386 -mcpu=athlon-xp"

    where "-mcpu" designates the type of your CPU, run "man gcc" for a list of CPU types.

    DOS, OS/2 and Win32 systems

    The makefile for DOS-like systems employs Microsoft NMAKE. This usually requires some Microsoft compiler/SDK to be present. Moreover, the MS Macro Assembler (MASM) will be required. Be sure to set the compiler paths and configuration variables (INCLUDE/LIB) before you proceed. Here is an example of NMAKE parameters for MS C v 7.0/DOS:

    nmake MODE=DOS16 COMPILER=MSC7 prepare all package

    You can find a list of MODE and COMPILER designations right in the MAKEFILE, along with some usage notes.


    Source code
    arj-3.10.22.tar.gz421.4 K 23/06/2005 Source code for an official release of open-source version. Not necessarily the most recent release.
    arj__278.exe266.2 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 2.78 Manufacturing Refresh. Ensures the correct handling of UNIX archives in DOS.
    arj_r278.exe276.0 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 2.78 (Russian NLV). Ensures the correct handling of UNIX archives in DOS. Contains strong encryption.
    arj2_278.exe268.5 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 2.78 for OS/2, 16-bit.
    arj2r278.exe276.8 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 2.78 for OS/2 (Russian NLV), 16-bit. Contains strong encryption.
    arj2_310.exe211.7 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 3.10 for OS/2, 32-bit/LIBC.
    arj2r310.exe219.8 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 3.10 for OS/2 (Russian NLV), 32-bit/LIBC. Contains strong encryption.
    arjw_310.exe220.1 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 3.10 for Win32.
    arjwr310.exe228.5 K 23/06/2005 ARJ v 3.10 for Win32 (Russian NLV). Contains strong encryption.
    arjl_310242.3 K 23/06/2005 ARJ for Linux.
    arjlr310253.2 K 23/06/2005 ARJ for Linux (Russian NLV). Contains strong encryption.
    Other platforms (updated on occasional basis)
    arjs_310260.3 K 01/07/2005 ARJ for SPARC/SunOS.
    arjsr310271.1 K 01/07/2005 ARJ for SPARC/SunOS (Russian NLV). Contains strong encryption.
    arj.3.10.21.eng.pkg.zip211.0 K 15/02/2005 ARJ for BeOS (preliminary)
    arj.3.10.21.rus.pkg.zip218.0 K 15/02/2005 ARJ for BeOS (preliminary / Russian NLV)
    arjf_310214.5 K 18/06/2004 ARJ for FreeBSD v 3.x.
    arjfr310223.6 K 18/06/2004 ARJ for FreeBSD v 3.x (Russian NLV). Contains strong encryption.
    arjq_310287.9 K 17/10/2003 ARJ for QNX v6.
    arj32-3.10g-x86-public.qpr242.7 K 17/10/2003 ARJ for QNX v6 (QNX package).
    exp__278.exe266.8 K 23/06/2005 Experimental DOS version with JAR-like color output.
    exp2_278.exe269.0 K 23/06/2005 Experimental OS/2 version with JAR-like color output.
    expw_310.exe220.9 K 23/06/2005 Experimental Win32 version with JAR-like color output.
    noenv.zip207.3 K 25/03/2000 Modified small/medium model OS/2-16 libraries for Microsoft C v 6.0. Prevent memory shortages by keeping the _envp block out of DGROUP. Used in the makefile as ?LIBEEP.LIB.
    nmake16.zip94.9 K 07/02/2003 Updated Microsoft NMAKE to assist with building ARJ. You are only qualified to use this package if you are a legitimate user of MASM v 6.0 or MS C v 6.0.
    os2_libc.zip9.1 K 16/04/2004 Assembly-language modules to reconstruct the LIBC stubs under OS/2 (the ARJ source tree hosts precompiled versions only).

    Experiencing a slow download? Cannot find the packages you need? Here are some tips:
    1. If you are looking for the source code, visit the development page where you will have an option to:
      (a)access the CVS tree, or
      (b)download a .tar.gz'ipped snapshot from OSDN sites
    2. If you are looking for a particular type of Linux package (RPM, DEB), be sure to check the package collection of your distribution manufacturer first. Using a "native" package warrants that you obtain a program properly configured and optimized for your system, possibly at the cost of an older version.
    3. In FreeBSD v 4.6 and above, please refer to the Ports Collection for ARJ binary releases.
    4. OS/2 binaries are uploaded to the Hobbes archive and may be located at its numerous mirrors.
    5. Finally, the DOS and Win32 binaries are often mirrored in amateur networks and are worth looking for at any search engine (e.g. arj__*.exe). However, be warned that uncontrolled distributions may contain viruses.

    Migrating from shareware and commercial versions

    If you were using a registered version in the past and supply your REGISTER.DAT or ARJ.KEY file to ARJ, it will display a short registration banner during startup. Besides this brief acknowledgement of registration, there are no functional differences brought in by the presence of a registration key. Nor are the registered users able to create ARJ-SECURITY envelopes using this Open-Source version.

    If you own a full commercial version of ARJ v 2.39+ and need a version that is able to create ARJ-SECURED archives, contact the author, submitting your key or (if applicable) a small ARJ-SECURED archive as a proof of your registration along with the details of your inquiry (target platform, preferred NLV, etc.). You'll be provided with a precompiled commercial version from the pre-opensource branch for your private use. Commercial versions do not include any changes contributed by third parties to the open-source project, therefore the platform coverage and NLV availability may be different.

         Old version:

    New version:    

    Unregistered sharewareRegistered shareware Registered with EXT LICCommercial
    Open-sourceNo additional offerings available No additional offerings available. Optionally, you may register ARJ with your REGISTER.DAT or ARJ.KEY file to display the registration acknowledgement during startup. Open-source version will prevent you from using your ARJ-SECURITY signature; consider using a commercial version if applicable.
    CommercialNo additional offerings available (need to register and purchase the ARJ-SECURITY key from ARJ Software, Inc.) No additional offerings available (need to purchase the ARJ-SECURITY key from ARJ Software, Inc.) Please contact us to obtain to discuss the platform and NLV offerings available for you.


    1. Due to ubiquitous circulation of counterfeit registration keys for the older (pre-2.70) versions of ARJ, we do not intend to provide registration upgrades for users of shareware versions below 2.70 unless they own a full commercial version and can confirm their entitlement by submitting a sealed archive (see above).
    2. The previous shareware releases under the "free for non-commercial use" policy are still available at some sites.

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